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Question: I only want a one-page website with a map on - can I get something cheaper than the Basic package? 

Solution:  This client got his customers from word of mouth, but his farm unit was hard to find, so he just wanted to tell people how to find him and what his opening hours were. We did a simple one-page site with a google map on it and the opening hours using a very cheap domain, and using his own Gmail as the email. Total cost £100. We used a free Wix package (this displays the Wix advert) so there was no cost to hosting. The £100 covered the design, and the domain fee for 3 years. There was no domain email needed, so nothing else to pay.


Question: My site needs to be quite complicated and will need frequent changes. I'm not sure your £240 maintenance for 12 hours per year is going to cover what I want, because I will make changes every month - can you offer me something with more hours?

Solution: Yes, no problem. We did the maintenance contract and agreed to charge additional hours still at the discounted rate of £20 per hour as and when needed. We also made the updating semi-automatic so the client could upload most of the new material that he wanted adding by himself at zero cost.


Any more questions?

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